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Coolrooms and Walk InCoolrooms

Coolrooms & freezer rooms are a crucial aspect of the storage of perishable goods, especially for kitchen fit-outs. For the retail industry, food safety and hygiene are of utmost importance.


A retailer, such as a supermarket, needs to store and stock several frozen and cold goods. This requires safe and hygienic storage. Moreover, it requires easy access for both customers and retailers. Hence, the solution to this is an effective walk-in coolroom or freezer-room that has a smooth and regular slide door with a display section wherein the products are at reach and easily accessible.


We at Supermarket Store make sure that the crucial components like refrigeration, humidity and temperature control, door/glass door options, etc. are adequately taken care of.


Our team has extensive experience with both a myriad of different fit-outs and designing for the standard requirements. Our Coolroom Builder design, build, manufacture and install the cool rooms that are a balance of the physical and financial needs of the clients.

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